Behind the Scenes: Inn Construction

With approximately a month to go until opening things are quickly shaping up at The Inn. Every passing day brings big changes with this weeks biggest change being the landscape and hardscape of the property. Dozens of 20'+ mature trees arrived this morning and have been planted in the front of The Inn with dozens upon dozens more arriving in the next few weeks. The stone work for the outdoor fireplace and pit are in place with the fountain being finished up this week which will create an outdoor oasis for our guests. Furniture for the fourth flour arrived yesterday and crews are busy assembling and placing in each of the guest rooms and suites. Headboards and television mounts are starting to be hung with pictures and window treatments scheduled to go up next week. Once the fourth floor is complete, crews will work their way down to the 3rd, 2nd and finish up on the lobby level.

Stay tuned as we share more details about The Inn and what you can expect once we are open for business!

Knoxie's Table Kitchen
Hassie's Porch located just off The Market
Ballroom Courtyard perfect for wedding ceremonies and cocktail receptions.
Knoxie's Table | Farm-and-Bay-to-Table
4th Floor Furniture
Fourth Floor Furniture
Fourth Floor Furniture
Guest Room Artwork
Fourth Floor Furniture
Knoxie's Table Terrace with Outdoor Bar & Fireplace

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