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Whether you’re taking a walk during your lunch break or you’re on that much awaited summer vacation, leaving your hair and skin unprotected from the sun can cause short and long term damage. Don’t leave home unprotected. Today’s skin and hair care formulators know that even the average consumer is looking for those anti-aging products that will prolong the effects of our unprotected past habits. When looking for skincare products for the face, look to products containing vitamin C and other antioxidants. Today, consumers prefer the natural botanicals found in many product lines.

At The Spa at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, the bestselling products are those that contain botanicals such as raspberry cerimides (to lock in moisture), blueberries

(a powerful antioxidant), Rosemary (to reduce oily skin) and Calendula and Lavender (to calm irritated skin). And don’t forget those lips! When selecting a new lipstick, look for something that contains SPF of at least 15. Consider lip balms over gloss for the summer, and lip balms tend to stay on longer and hydrate more. Use an SPF of 20 and higher on the face, but if you sweat or swim, don’t forget to reapply! We love Naturopathica’s Lavender SPF 30. It’s lightweight and contains Lavender, zinc and Titanium Dioxide. Keep it simple when it comes to the face. SPF’s are meant to occlude or adhere to the skin, so if you are prone to congested pores, less is best.

Wear a wide brimmed hat when going to the pool or the beach this summer. Most tightly woven hats will block out 97 percent of harmful UV rays. If you are going to go swimming in a pool, wash your hair before getting in, as wet hair absorbs less Chlorine than dry hair. Leave-in conditioners also work well, especially for blonde hair. Try Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner from J Beverly Hills, also available at The Spa at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club.

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