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Open House is Back!

We are delighted to be able to invite guests back for our weekly Open House starting May 23rd! We have recently implemented new regulations and procedures to reopen our venue to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Open House at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Open House at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club is a great opportunity for prospective couples to see the venues set up, view the property and hear the latest CBBC news. Our Open House is the best way for couples to begin the search for the perfect venue and gain enough insight to get a head start on their wedding plans. During an appointment, couples will be guided through the venues most appropriate for their wedding aspirations and anticipated number of guests. Couples can also use this time to ask questions and check dates.

Scheduling an appointment

Open House appointments can be scheduled every Saturday between 9am and 1pm. Each tour will be given a maximum of one hour for couples to see the venues and ask questions. To make an appointment, couples will need to fill out our “Request Information Form” on the website. If couples have difficulty finding a time that works best for them, private tours can also be given during the week. As guests arrive for their appointments, they will be greeted by a CBBC associate in front of the Beach House Ballroom to check in and be directed to the ballroom of interest.

Social distancing at Open House

To follow the state’s social distancing regulations, we are requiring all visitors to wear a mask for the entirety of the tour. We kindly ask that each tour has no more than six guests. Our wedding team will also be wearing masks and practicing social distancing during the tour.

How to come prepared

Preparing for your tour is now easier than ever with our online virtual tours. Couples can tour the venues of interest virtually to learn about each space and view picture of these spaces on a wedding day. Read our Virtual Tour blog to learn more about how to use this helpful resource. Couples can also access and download our 2020 Wedding Brochure from the website to access information about our spaces and prepare questions.

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