Beach House Ballroom

You will love the versatility of the Beach House Ballroom and its adjacent gardens, terrace and bay front tavern. A beautiful reception area welcomes guests into our spacious ballroom featuring striking architectural details, a vaulted ceiling, cherry hardwood flooring, two indoor fireplaces and large windows overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Paired with a sunken formal garden at water’s edge is a dynamic setting for outdoor ceremonies offering breathtaking photo opportunities and easy access to the sandy shore of our private beach. The adjacent Tavern Bayside and waterfront terrace are simply perfect for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres or to dance the night away following dinner in the ballroom. The Beach House Ballroom offers a perfect setting for an indoor ceremony for an intimate winter wedding or in cases of inclement weather.

  • Wedding Reception w/ Dancefloor – 180
  • with Dancing in the Tavern Bayside – 225


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Cocktail Hour

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Dinner & Dancing 

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Final Send Off

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